Digital currency will form part of most four FANG companies’ offerings by 2021, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss told CNBC in a fresh interview on July 9.

Talking about Facebook Libra, the twins, who co-founded cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini, said it was only a subject of time before other technology giants followed suit.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (FAANG) are all assumed to be working on their own blockchain projects, with Facebook the first to publicly announce.

“Our prediction is every FANG company will have some type of cryptocurrency job next 2 yrs,” Tyler Winklevoss told the network.

Libra as a repayment protocol hasn’t yet fully launched, however regulators have voiced strong alarm, particularly in the United States of America, where several sources have demanded developers halt the project entirely.

Concerns stem from Libra’s likelyhood to bypass the central banks of countries around the world.

For the Winklevosses, however, open communication and working with regulators is the only path forward for the crypto industry.

Though many say Libra isn’t a cryptocurrency in any way, the twins even suggested they would facilitate trading of it on Gemini, should it be allowed by US regulators including Congress and the SEC.

“We’ll evaluate Libra in earnest, and it could actually be an asset that is 1 day listed if it’s an available protocol; that’s possible,” Tyler sustained.

“The move of FAANG companies into blockchain will bring massive competition to the current roster of crypto projects who are mostly ill prepared to compete on such a professional level. This is an echo of what happened with Web 2.0 when disruptive businesses like failed only to be co opted by giants like Amazon who employed a more traditional marketing and business strategy.” said EngineBloc Marketing CEO Gordon Meyer.

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