Crypto Projects enjoyed a ‘can’t lose’ run in 2017 and it seemed like no agency could do wrong. When the ‘crypto winter’ arrived, it became a proving ground to see what marketing efforts could keep projects and their token liquidity afloat. Now in 2019 as the crypto winter begins to thaw, the industry is seeing some sleeping giants awaken, from Facebook to Amazon and even Apple, which have all either announced projects or are rumored to be soon launching their own tokens, it is clear that small and mid-size market cap projects are about to have some serious competition. Relying on ‘viral marketing’ with lots of bells and whistles has generated hordes of freeloaders looking for the latest free lunch but has garnered almost no loyalty and left crypto brands with no inherent value. If you don’t inject a reason for people to love your brand then no one will. This is a lesson ALL consumer and B2B brands learned a long time ago and it’s time for the Crypto landscape to recognize that honest branding and marketing has been around this long because it works. The following list of Agencies have begun to focus on prepping projects for the new rules.

1. EngineBloc

About EngineBloc: is one of the most fast-growing and up-and-coming marketing and community management agencies in the industry. A newer agency on the block (no pun intended) EngineBloc was formed among top talent in traditional marketing who have deep crypto knowledge and experience. Their CEO for instance even teaches blockchain for business at Columbia College. With clients like Steem, UPDC and other high market cap projects, EngineBloc is poised to help projects prepare for the oncoming ‘storm’ of fortune 500 companies entering the marketplace. As their CEO Gordon Meyer recently said at the Washington Elite Crypto Conference: “It’s time for crypto projects to grow up and compete with the traditional companies they are trying to disrupt on their own turf.” Learn More>


About ICOBOX: ICOBox is the first and the biggest new generation Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales.

3. IBC Group

About IBC Group: IBC is an international blockchain consulting group spanning 40 countries facilitating end to end ICO support, enterprise blockchain development, capital raising, consulting and institutional training. Our team has supported startups, existing companies and institutions/governments executing long term strategies.

4. Priority Token

About Priority Token: Priority Token is your highway to successful ICO. If you need a professional support and advising on your project ICO, we are right here for you. With a solid experience and strong team of professionals, we offer you Investment Consulting, Marketing Support, Technical Support. We cooperate with the leading resources for your project ICO promotion.

5. X10 agency

About X10 agency: X10 agency – Targeted at the best correlation between quality of services and price, X10 has worked with a number of utility and security token projects helping to successfully achieve their ICO goals. X10’s team consists of professionals that previously worked inside ICO projects themselves and therefore have been involved in many ICO launches.


As we move into the latter half of 2019, its clear that many of the tricks that worked for ICO’s are no longer working. As the crypto industry matures, its clearly time for crypto projects to reexamine their marketing strategy and dig in deep to compete directly with the centralized status quo companies they’re intending to disrupt. As established companies enter into the market with their own blockchain solutions, the level of polish and clarity they bring will add even more pressure on marketers working with project teams. Unless the agencies carry deep experience within traditional marketing the future for those projects looks grim. As always do your research and pay attention to agency employees career history – non-crypto marketing wins carries as much weight as impressive ICO raises as the industry shifts gears away from ICOs and toward competing with giants like Facebook.

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