Recently, the most influential events in the entire industry are Facebook Libra projects. The move of Facebook into the encryption field once again pushed the blockchain industry to the peak of popularity and became a hot topic in the world. With the addition of technology giants, the blockchain market has emerged with unprecedented dynamism, and various underlying development service platforms have sprung up. At present, Ethereum is the most famous open platform, but the scalability of the Ethereum platform has been criticized by the public. Once the number of DAPPs in the platform is increased, the entire network is very dangerous to block, making developers painfully.

In fact, developers don’t have to be trapped in one house. In addition to Ethereum, developers have better choices. The single development network can’t meet the growing demand, and developers need an “arbitrary door” that can easily access various types of blockchain networks. The YAO Network, which is positioned as the “port, chain, and marketplace of the blockchain world”, is the door that developers are dreaming of.

Unlike the general BaaS platform, YAO Network is designed for community developers and underlying blockchain technology providers to provide adaptive access and upgrade capabilities for blockchain networks through topological orchestration techniques for different blockchain underlying layers. YAO Network provides different access strategies for public links, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Superbook, etc. YAO Network provides second-level access, while alliance chains and private chains like R3 provide fast and flexible Network creation capabilities. Developers can use the visualization tools to view the status of the underlying network and select the most appropriate blockchain network based on their needs.

YAO Network is a decentralized blockchain public infrastructure platform for the next generation. Users can freely develop blockchain technology, such as creating a Hyperledger Fabric environment and accessing the Ethereum test network. Besides, the platform provides developers with technical information, community information, developer guidance, and other related project information. YAO Network is a rising star in the industry who is attracting the attention of lots of investors.

In the process of development, YAO Network will provide developers with a variety of services to help developers carry out project incubation, financing promotion, technical architecture, core technology customization, and other services. After the project is completed, the platform will provide stable operation and maintenance support and customized business upgrade information services to help developers further improve the project’s scalability.

The strong technical team and consultant team is one of another highlight behind YAO Network. Seldom teams in China can be said to compare with it. YAO Network’s team consists of professional developers and technicians. The founder that Walter Komarek has a strong background in business strategy and technology development. He was the CEO of Angel Investment and the former founder of Forbestelecom in the European telecommunications industry, who owns a good reputation.

Also, the YAO team includes several blockchain architecture and software development professionals, Dr. Neil Wasserman graduated from the top universities in the United States, holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. He also achieved a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Neil focused research on blockchain architecture from time to time, dedicated to combining innovation strategies and emerging technologies with traditional industries.

As the value and potential chance of the YAO Network having been discovered, more and more top talents from the industry are joining the team. It is worth expecting that the YAO Network team will soon welcome a Nobel Prize winner. He will also work on the construction of the blockchain basic service platform with YAO and contribute to future development in the blockchain industry.

The future path of the blockchain industry is still long that hard for us to forecast. Who can imagine that the bitcoin that was originally used to buy pizza can rise to US$20,000? Just like social media giant Facebook will issue coins? Just similar to the original bitcoin, YAO Network is also a newborn together with a full of vitality and unlimited possibilities. YAO Network will be the next unicorn in the blockchain basic service platform.

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