It’s been widely touted that if you invested $1 daily in Bitcoin for 9 years, you would have $18M.

A new crop of services are seeking to help investors do just that, by investing a few pennies or dollars at a time with every purchase.

RoundlyX let’s users auto invest their spare change in Bitcoin by rounding up everyday credit card and bank transactions and invests them in cryptocurrencies.

RoundX is a competitor to Coinflash – an app takes the spare change left over from your purchases during the week and uses that cash to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice through a Coinbase account.

The app itself doesn’t actually take any money from you. Instead, it counts up your spare change from credit and debit transactions (you can choose to connect one account or several, but all of the accounts you select need to be associated with the same bank), and then gives that info to Coinbase that actually handles the transaction.

At present, users can choose from a number of options, which is effectively anything traded on Coinbase. RoundX is seeking additional offerings with lower fees to help maximize customer gains. 

RoundlyX does not provide custody for assets, they simply facilitate the transaction through Coinbase. This is a brilliant platform and we’re using the 10x option here at Crypto Project Times. If you’ve been meaning to get into cryptocurrency, then it could be an easy way to dip your toes in the water without putting up tons of cash at once.

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