Are bots better traders? That’s the topic that the CIS Blockchain Technology Investing conference in Los Angeles is seeking to address with the help of industry leaders.

Crypto Project Times reached out to Frederic Rough, the CEO of Coinsquad which is the first decentralized tech support service that runs on Hedera Hashgraph to discuss the question.

Frederic, are bots really the future of crypto trading?

“No, the truth is that traditional trading works best. However, there is nothing wrong with experimentation and taking a deep dive into different areas of crypto. Our market is just too new and unregulated. If there were rules enforced than my opinion would be different. Warning: bot trading is not suited for beginners. You should have at least several months of trading experience before attempting to use trading bots. At Coinsquad we suggest that new trader’s experiment with paper accounts (simulators).  This way new users can migrate around the trading bot software without the risk of losing your investment. On the flipside I have many friends that have used them and have been successful.” 

What kinds of issues are people having trading crypto markets? 

“New users always have problems with KYC forms as well as simple migration around the exchanges. Understanding the difference between a limit order and a market order. Learning how to use ThinkOrSwim or TradingView. Everyone has the same issues getting started. We suggest that you join the Coinsquad Discord channel so that you can ask questions 24/7.”

What makes Coinsquad unique?  

Coinsquad is developing a revolutionary secure Remote Management Software based on the immutability of Blockchain, for servicing the industry with the ability to transition to other verticals. In addition, we offer professional services for remote as well as onsite assistance with digital assets to both consumers and enterprises, branching out as a service provider to direct consumer support in a similar fashion to how Geek Squad services the home technology user. Our founders, having spent considerable time in the tradition IT market with Managed Service Providers and disparate businesses, saw the emerging threats of compromised remote access affect businesses. We decided to look into the issue and concluded that the cutting-edge technology of Blockchain could be integrated with current RMM technology to enhance its capability to the point of absolute security. Being committed to the vision of a more secure and distributed world, Coinsquad was born with the expressed intent to penetrate the multi-billion-dollar RMM space and becoming a leader in the space.”

So what is Coinsquad Doing with Blockchain in the Remote Monitoring and Management Space?

“Our unique selling proposition is our fully decentralized environment, a revolutionary breakthrough in remote access and desktop support for any industry. Simultaneously we protect our clients’ digital assets and intellectual property while pioneering new abilities to increase business speed, eliminate inefficiency and expand the reach of new users as well as support mass adoption of both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency as a service model. We are utilizing Hedera Hashgraph and combining cutting-edge ways of storing, monitoring, and accessing customer data. The Coinsquad decentralized application or dApp creates value and IP by providing a guarded environment for individual corporations as well as investors with the assurance of the immutability of client’s data.”

Anything else you want to tell our readers? 

“Yes, we want to let everyone know that we are working hard to offer a great product to the crypto community. We built this company to assist in the growth of mass adoption. We hope that Coinsquad is in business for years to come and value customers opinions.”

Catch Are Bots Better Traders? How to Successfully Trade Crypto Markets at CIS on the Main Stage on Wed Oct 16/ 3:20 PM – 4:05 PM

In addition to Frederic Rough (Coinsquad), hear from Robert Beadles (Crypto Beadles) moderating: Lisa N Edwards (Satoshi Sisters), Travis Kling (Ikigai Asset Management) and David Bleznak (Totle)

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