Blockchain Gaming and NFTs are a hot topic in the Blockchain Industry at the moment. Will blockchain’s ability to watermark digital assets and enforce their uniqueness threaten the traditional gaming industry or was “CryptoKitties” a one trick pony? That’s the topic that the CIS Blockchain Technology Investing conference in Los Angeles is seeking to address with the help of industry leaders.

Among them is Matt McCullough CEO at RHOVIT a hybrid cloud and blockchain based platform for digital entertainment. Viewers of RHOVIT hosted digital content earn Rbit Tokens which can be used for discounts towards NFT game items, branded merchandise and more. Crypto Project Times reached out to Mr. McCullough to share his thoughts.

Mr. McCullough How is blockchain impacting the video games industry?

“Though the blockchain gaming community is still small by comparison to mainstream gaming, it has been making some significant headway in large part to the emerging NFT market. The ability to own digital assets that can be used in multiple games resold on secondary markets and potentially gain value is hard to ignore. Along with this blockchain games themselves are maturing and mainstream developers are taking notice.”  

Crypto games company PoQ received a no-action letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission effectively greenlighting their plan to sell digital tokens, known as Quarters, without registering them as securities. Do you see this area of crypto growing as a result of PoQ’s green light?

“I think it’s a good step in a series of steps to come toward getting clearer guidelines. I don’t know how much impact it will have on other company’s decisions to follow their lead. It’s still a complicated and time-consuming endeavor for game developers, so until the process is simplified I don’t see that playing a major role in the growth for crypto in gaming. That being said, the crypto gaming community as a whole is growing steadily.” 

You’ve built a platform using crypto as a reward and you’re about to open a marketplace for games and merchandise. How do you envision this adding to the virtual revolution?  

With RHOVIT we wanted to make a very easy on ramp for new users to blockchain and crypto. Our viewers earn an Rbit Token (crypto) for unlocking content and supporting creators and now the marketplace gives them a place to use it without ever leaving the site. They can download exclusive digital goods using their Rbits and get discounts on NFT game items and even merchandise. It essentially gives all the benefits of blockchain and crypto without having to understand any of it. I think this approach will be able to bring a whole new user base to the technology and will let them dig deeper into it at their own pace. 

Catch A Gamer’s Hand Guide to the Virtual Revolution at CIS Tue October 15th at 2:45 PM

Matt McCullough will be joined onstage by Malcolm CasSelle (WAX), Amy Wan (Sagewise) moderated by Mark Savage (ADOR-PCDC Auction House L.L.C.)

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