Sazmining CEO, William Szamosszegi, will be presenting a Keynote at the WCC Mining conference. WCC MINE 2019 will focus on all segments of blockchain infrastructure, from block producers to mining pools. Learn from industry experts about energy transmission, data center planning and implementation, equipment suppliers, cloud mining companies, mining pool operators, and the many ways by which mining operations can be financed to alleviate operational risks associated with asset valuations.

Sazmining is aiming to become a major player in the industry by employing all cryptocurrency mining best practices. The company focuses on multi-sig wallet management, engineering services, operational excellence, accounting services and investor protection. The company is working on a handful of joint ventures and is offering consulting services to a selective group of large cryptocurrency miners.

Sazmining is distinguished by its full-service approach to building and improving mining operations for clients. Partnering with other companies and mining startups, Sazmining can vertically integrate best-practices for running a successful crypto-mining operation.

Sazmining Inc. allows institutional investors to gain exposure to digital assets through investments in hard, data-processing assets. The company is here to help you make big moves in the world of cryptocurrency- to diversify your portfolio, benefit from society’s technologically advancing landscape, and shape the future with ownership within the BTC network.