Blockchain will be the most in-demand hard skill in 2020, according to a new study by the educational subsidiary of professional social network LinkedIn.

“Last year, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and analytical reasoning led LinkedIn’s global list of the most in-demand hard skills,” LinkedIn wrote in the report. “They’re all on the list again this year, but a skill we weren’t even looking at a year ago – blockchain – tops the list of most in-demand hard skills for 2020.”

The report notes that blockchain is the most in-demand skill in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany — more popular than cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and UX design.

Blockchain has emerged to become a business solution in search of problems. Which means that you don’t have to be in financial services to be seeking new hires who have background and expertise in putting blockchain to use. So, recruiters should start becoming familiar with how blockchain works, what its perceived benefits are, and who are the people best suited to help your company explore where this budding technology might have a role.

Gordon Meyer, a Professor at Columbia College Chicago Online who teaches Blockchain for Business said “For better or worse the price of bitcoin affects coverage in the press, however the core underlying technology of blockchain has consistent utility that could revolutionize business models and fundamentally change the dynamics of long standing industries. This technology is inherently disruptive and as such knowing what it is, how it works and what it’s good for – as well as what it’s not, is a vital skill for any executive no matter what industry they work in.”

Blockchain has become a line of business for a who’s who of the corporate world — IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Amazon, and American Express, to name just a few. Blockchain is now being used in industries ranging from shipping to healthcare, from farming and food safety to entertainment and gaming.

There are also more and more blockchain and crypto-related job postings on top headhunting websites, according to a November report by Indeed, a LinkedIn competitor. The number of such job ads rose by 26 percent from 2018–2019, the report said. This may be why according to Gordon Meyer from Columbia College Chicago Online that “While it may be that you aren’t hearing about it in the press, people are certainly hearing about blockchain at the watercooler and in the halls near the CTO and HR.”

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